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    Wednesday, 09/15/21  7:00 PM

    San Francisco Amateur Astronomers

    Tales from the Stratosphere - Livestream

    SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, operated by NASA, is a Boeing 747SP aircraft that flies into the stratosphere, above 99 percent of Earth’s infrared-blocking atmosphere, allowing research in ways not possible with ground-based telescopes.

    Ten years after her first flight on SOFIA, Marita Beard's stories about her experiences on SOFIA continue to serve as a way to engage and connect learning goals to real world education opportunities for her students. As an Airborne Ambassador for SOFIA, Marita will share how her experiences on several SOFIA flights helped her achieve her lifelong dream of being a part of a NASA mission. She works to inspire her students to pursue their own STEM goals through learning how science is conducted on SOFIA. Her students also learn about the backgrounds of people involved with SOFIA, and what SOFIA has discovered since its first flight.

    Marita believes she has much to contribute because of working with SOFIA at NASA Ames prior to going into teaching, and she will share her experiences with us.

    Speaker: Marita Beard, Leigh High School, San Jose

    Website: https://www.sfaa-astronomy.org/live-streamed-lectures/

    Connect starting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 15th by clicking this Zoom meeting link: 


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    Board members will join the meeting early to help troubleshoot any problems with audio or video. 
    "Doors Open" at 6:30pm and the announcements and lecture will start promptly at 7:00pm.

    Cost:  Free


    Thursday, 09/16/21
    05:00 PM - 06:30 PM

    Cafe Scientifique Silicon Valley

    Seven Months of Perseverance on Mars - Livestream

    I will discuss what the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover has been up to on Mars since landing on February 18, 2021.

    Speaker: Ken Farley, Calinfornia Institute of Technology

    Register at weblink to receive connection information.

    Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-cafe-scientifique-perseverance-on-mars-tickets-167526298669?aff=CafeSciWebsite

    Cost:  Free


    Friday, 09/17/21  7:30 PM

    Tri-Valley Stargazers
    Astronomy - From Passion to Profession - Livestream

    I will discuss how I turned my passion for astronomy and outreach into a profession. I teach astronomy research seminars to students and educators around the country and the world, and get to use telescope networks covering the globe. Following my passion and taking advantage of opportunities that came my way, along with meeting some amazing mentors has led me to a life better than I could have dreamed of in astronomy.
    Speaker: Rachel Freed, Institute for Student Astronomical Research

    See weblink for instructions to receive connection information.

    Website: https://www.trivalleystargazers.org

    Cost:  Free


    Saturday, 09/18/21
    09:00 PM - 10:30 PM

    Chabot Space and Science Center

    Virtual Telescope Viewing - Livestream

    Join our resident astronomers on Facebook Live every Saturday evening live from Chabot’s Observation deck!

    Each week, our astronomers will guide us through spectacular night sky viewing through Nellie, Chabot‘s most powerful telescope. Weather permitting we will be able to view objects live through the telescopes and our astronomers will be available for an open forum for all of your most pressing astronomy questions.

    Other Dates For This Event:
    • Saturday, 09/18/21
    • Saturday, 09/25/21
    • Saturday, 10/02/21

    Website: https://chabotspace.org/calendar/virtual-telescope-viewing/2021-09-18/

    YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCarFXs-04xmdHW_PVc7LWRg

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/4443135732423850/?event_time_id=4443137535757003

    Cost:  Free


    Monday, 09/20/21  12:10 PM

    Campbell Hall, Rm 131
    UC Berkeley
    Berkeley, CA 94720

    Searching for the quietest compact objects in the Milky Way
    Speaker: Tharindu Jayasinghe Arachchilage

    Website: https://tac.berkeley.edu/monday-tac-seminar/

    Cost:  Free


    Monday, 09/20/21
    04:15 PM - 05:15 PM

    UC Berkeley

    Cosmic alchemy in the era of gravitational wave astronomy - Livestream

    The source of about half of the heaviest elements in the Universe has been a mystery for a long time. Although the general picture of element formation is well understood, many questions about the astrophysical details remain to be answered. Here I focus on recent advances in our understanding of the origin of the heaviest and rarest elements in the Universe.

    Speaker: Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, UC Santa Cruz

    See weblink for connection information

    Website: https://physics.berkeley.edu/news-events/events/20210920/cosmic-alchemy-in-the-era-of-gravitational-wave-astronomy


    All lectures start at 4:15 PM (with the exception of the Department Welcome) and end around 5:15 PM. They are free and open to the public.

    PLEASE NOTE: Zoom links will be posted on the day of each event.

    For abstract and videos for each lecture, including past lecturers, please see our Colloquia and Videos page.


    Cost:  Free


    Tuesday, 09/21/21
    02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

    National Math Festival

    Mathematics: The Key to a Hidden World - Livestream

    Do we really need to learn about mathematics in our modern world? We all carry calculators around in our pockets and so much of what we're taught in school mathematics can seem irrelevant to our lives. However, the reason we learn mathematics is not just to solve problems. It's to unlock a world hiding in plain sight, to enable us to appreciate its patterns and navigate its secrets. In this session we'll explore some of those secrets and see how mathematics helps us to wonder at the world we live in.

    Eddie Woo is a high school mathematics teacher in Sydney, Australia.

    This live event, geared at ages 11+, is presented by the National Math Festival and the Mathical Book Prize. Registrants will receive a Zoom link and instructions to join.

    Website: https://www.nationalmathfestival.org/news/online-event-author-educator-and-youtuber-eddie-woo-sept-21-2021

    Cost:  Free


    Wednesday, 09/22/21
    07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

    SETI Institute

    SETI Talks: Is a Sixth Mass Extinction the future of living species on Earth? - Livestream

    Human society and the global ecosystem are at a critical point in time, facing climate and biodiversity crises. According to a recent analysis, the sixth mass extinction of wildlife on Earth is accelerating. More than 500 species of land animals are on the brink of extinction and are likely to be lost within 20 years, a number equivalent to the number lost over the entire last century.

    Earth ecosystems have been through severe extinction crises in the past. There have been five mass extinction events during the last 450 million years, each destroying 70-95% of the species of plants, animals and microorganisms that previously existed. Causes of these events included massive volcanic eruptions, depletion of ocean oxygen or collision with an asteroid. Following each event, it took millions of years to regain the numbers of species comparable to those before the extinction event. 

    What can our understanding of these systems’ ecology, evolution and history teach us about surviving the current situation? We invited two scientists from the California Academy of Sciences to discuss this topic. Scott Sampson, executive director and a dinosaur paleontologist, and Peter Roopnarine, the Curator of Geology, whose research focuses on understanding the evolution of ecological systems.

    Moderator: Franck Marchis, SETI

    Register at weblink to receive connection information

    Website: https://www.seti.org/event/seti-talks-sixth-mass-extinction-future-living-species-earth

    Cost:  Free


    Saturday, 09/25/21
    12:00 PM - 09:00 PM

    College of San Mateo

    College of San Mateo's Family Science & Astronomy Festival + Makerspace

    Fall is in the air, which means College of San Mateo's Virtual Family Science Day is just around the corner!

    Our annual festival brings the wonders of science to our community. This year it will be held virtually through Zoom, featuring both live sessions and on-demand recordings! Join us for a day of activities and exploration led by dedicated STEM@CSM faculty and staff.

    Activities include slime making, marshmallow molecules construction, and at-home physics and engineering experiments.

    We will have our astronomy team leading events like virtual stargazing and you'll have the opportunity to chat with real astronomers in our community!

    Our keynote speaker is research scientist, Pablo Sobron, who will be sharing his experience as a member of NASA’s Mars 2020/Perseverance Rover Science Team and their mission to seek signs of ancient life on Mars.

    All this...and more!

    Visit collegeofsanmateo.edu/familyscienceday to view our schedule register for updates.

    Jessica Damian
    Email: DamianJ@smccd.edu

    Website: https://collegeofsanmateo.edu/familyscienceday/

    Cost:  Free


    Saturday, 09/25/21
    09:00 PM - 10:30 PM

    Chabot Space and Science Center

    Virtual Telescope Viewing - Livestream

    Join our resident astronomers on Facebook Live every Saturday evening live from Chabot’s Observation deck!

    Each week, our astronomers will guide us through spectacular night sky viewing through Nellie, Chabot‘s most powerful telescope. Weather permitting we will be able to view objects live through the telescopes and our astronomers will be available for an open forum for all of your most pressing astronomy questions.

    Other Dates For This Event:

    • Saturday, 09/25/21

    • Saturday, 10/02/21

    Website: https://chabotspace.org/calendar/virtual-telescope-viewing/2021-09-25/

    YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCarFXs-04xmdHW_PVc7LWRg

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/4443135732423850/?event_time_id=4443137535757003

    Cost:  Free


    Sunday, 09/26/21
    06:30 PM - 10:00 PM

    Chabot Space and Science Center
    10000 Skyline Blvd
    Oakland, CA 94619

    Sunset Science

    Enjoy a warm summer evening of activities and stargazing on Chabot’s stunning Observation Deck! Learn about stellar concepts and preview our new offerings with special demonstrations, hands-on challenges and more. When the Sun goes down, the stars come out for exploring the cosmos through historic telescopes.

    Website: https://chabotspace.org/calendar/sunset-science-2-2/

    Cost:  $15 Adults, $5 Youth, Members Free