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Bay Area Clear Sky Clocks

San Francisco Clear Sky Clock

Mount Tamalpais State Park Clear Sky Clock

Click on a link above to get the current astronomy viewing conditions for San Francisco or Mt. Tamalpais.

San Francisco Weather Forecasts

SF Gate Accuweather Astronomy Weather (SF Presidio) Weather Channel Exploratorium Weather Camera SF Ocean Beach/Lands End Camera

Tonight's Sky

Click for an explanation of what is up in tonight's sky.  An excellent educational tool for beginners.

Online Sky Map

To view which celestial objects are visible in the sky tonight or any date or location you choose, click here to visit an online Sky Map.

Home Science: Backyard Astronomy Basics

To get started with back yard astronomy click here to get started.

Amateur Astronomy at Home

Handbook for Night Sky Tours Guides (from Randy Culp)

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Spring Sky Tour           Summer Sky Tour             Autumn Sky Tour            Winter Sky Tour

A Summary of the Constellations and the Features of Each

Telescope Equations

Observing Resources from Popular Astronomy Publications

Sky and Telescope Magazine                           Astronomy Magazine

Stellarium Planetarium

Free open-source planetarium software for your desk or laptop computer